Compatible with Russian equipment in government agencies and state-owne companies. Probably in connection with the current situation these works will be intensifie Looking for a way What should customers do in the current situation: continue to use Western IT solutions without support and updates risking the security of their data seek expertise in Russia to support them or migrate to domestic counterparts? We recommend considering all possible options: at the current stage we are fixing both migration and continue use of foreign services says Alexander Tugov Director of Services Development at Selectel.

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Open Source software is just source codes not a finishe product which among other things does not have support and implementation assistance. Here customers are likely to nee specialists with experience in each specific product or the transition to a service model Canada Mobile Number List of consumption. Alexander Tugov (Selectel) Each user has the right to choose independently but the risks of using Western products or platforms are quite high says Pavel Guralnik CEO of ISPsystem. Companies are face with a choice: continue to use these solutions at their own peril and risk because in the short term it is not known what decision the vendor will make.

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If you do not prepare for the transition to a domestic solution in advance then this process can become urgent and painful and it will happen at the moment when the vendor simply turns off the switch in an instant. It is possible to seek expertise in Russia we still Mailing Data Pro ┬áhave a large number of service companies that can help with Western solutions but here we are talking about the risk and availability of these services – their payment and the legality of using platforms. My opinion is to look for an alternative. There In order to make the migration to domestic solutions as quick and painless as possible you nee to proactively.

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