This was then paid again in the form of an annual maintenance . The result: low value for the buyerno correlation between usage and price paidand effectively a lock-in that made it difficult to break away from an incumbent. With subscriptionshoweveryou now only pay bas on consumptioni. without problems with under- or over-consumption. This brings not only demonstrable add value for the CFObut also the security Flexible cloud infrastructure It makes sense to align IT operations with today’s unprictable circumstances and hybrid working environment.

Public and private cloud applications

Even before the pandemicthere was a clear increase in the use of . In partthat’s because they inherently and device-agnostically support remote workcollaborationVDIand remote maintenance. In additionthe cloud typically goes hand-in-hand with subscription-bas pricingthe China Business Email List benefits of which have been discuss above. Likewisesome companies use cloud platforms to launch promotions or other offers bas on real-time analytics. These make it possible to identify potential and trigger appropriate immiate measures. This flexibility shows that – no matter what the future of work may look like in the short and mium term – a decision in favor of hybrid.

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It seems likely that many if not most companies

Cloud approaches will always be the right oneas they can cover any ne. Cloud solutions can be set up quicklyeasily internationaliz and scaland easily phas out again. This is the perfect example of an IT architecture that flexes with business nes. Flexible workforce Mailing Data Pro in the knowlge economy will continue to.  Even as the pandemic becomes far less threatening and acute. Howeverit is difficult to prict how this will actually turn out in detail. Some companies are noticing an increase in employees working in the office a few days a week often TuesdaysWnesdays and Thursdaysyet no one knows what future work habits will actually be like.

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