This feature uses synchronous replication to synchronize business-critical applications within 5ms or less latency. To configure and use all aspects of AHV Metro AvailabilityPrism Central now includes security policiesrecovery plansand a witness VM for automatic failover during an unplann outage. We are thus providing customers with a comprehensive DR solution on the AHV hypervisor. NearSync expands to multiple locations In the world of mission-critical applicationsextremely low I/O latency is often critical. In such a scenariothe stringent latency requirements of -RPO require that such applications be protect without impacting latency.

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Such applicationswhich serve the businessoften have to be secur against a wide variety of failures. Nutanix NearSync multi-site replication now extends our cross-site Continuous Data Protection CDP approach to provide an additional layer of protection  failure events.  solutions Canada Business Email List now extend from on-premises to multiple cloud environments. Monitoring Leap® and Nutanix Clusters™ on AWS has become a priority for customers on their journey to hybrid cloud with Nutanix. With the AOS . releasewe’ve add a dashboard to Prism Central that provides insight into some key performance indicators around DR — like RPO SLAs across clouded readinessalertsetc.

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With single PC support for Leap customers can now keep an eye on all monitoring. Functionalities of their Prism Element deployments operat in different. Cloud environments in just one interface. true security and network flow networking Nutanix makes Flow™ Networking  in AOS . This exciting new virtual networking solution was previously only available to a Mailing Data Pro few customers via “Early Access. Flow networking combines virtual private clouds VPC and other. Virtual network concepts between on-premises and cloud-native workloadswhich. Makes hybrid multi-cloud networking possible. Flow Networking provides a software-driven approach to infrastructure simplification bringing agility to end-user infrastructure usage and app and workload delivery. AHV port mirroring In the are anetworkingone.

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