The most important workloads Virtual desktops in the cloud : Leverage public cloud resources to easily scale VDI infrastructure. I/O-intensive applications : Integrate sophisticat databasesbig dataand other I/O-intensive applications to migrate to the cloud without impacting performance. Key Features Native network integration : Nutanix Clusters allows you to run all your Nutanix software in your existing AWS VPCs and completely eliminate network layer complexity.

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Continue using your existing AWS network configuration—cloud accountsVPCssubnetsand Direct Connect. Rack Awareness & Automat Host Remiation : Nutanix Clusters intelligently selects node placements in AWS racks to ensure a highly available rack El Salvador Business Email List awareness designeven when an entire rack becomes unavailable. When EC reports that a single AWS host instance is unresponsivea node swap is activat to ensure the cluster’s integrity is restor. Just-in-time scaling : Simply add new nodes when you ne to increase the capacity of your hybrid cloud use capacity.

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Utilization-bas triggers to automatically increase the number of nodes. On-demand hibernate and resume : Maximize hybrid cloud cost-efficiency with a one-click hibernate and resume feature currently available in Early Access so you only pay for EC bare . The hibernation feature Mailing Data Pro moves data to cost-effective S storageuninstalls the Nutanix softwareand stops the bare metal instances to stop incurring costs. When you are ready to use your cluster againyou can bring it back from hibernation with all your data with just one click. true Nutanix Clusters Console The Nutanix Clusters console orchestrates the deployment of clusters to your AWS accounts.

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