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More than specialists two thirds of which are certified technical experts in the field of information security. The qualifications of the employees were additionally confirmed in December – the Angara SOC team took nd place at the National Cyber ​​Testing Ground. In Angara Security plans to build on its success incl. due to the expansion of the portfolio of clients and vendors as well as the expertise of employees and as a result the list of services offered. About Angara Security Angara Security is a group of companies that provides a wide range of services in the field of information security including system integration and software supply audit and consulting penetration tests – more than types of services in totaleplacing filters: what does the domestic market.

Sites are being churned out almost non-stop

OF web gateways offer Several domestic companies have worthy alternatives to gateways from foreign vendors including Kaspersky Lab Dreb and Usergate. Today the situation with the work of foreign manufacturers in the Russian market is dynamically changing. With the Ghana Mobile Number List departure of the manufacturer its products may cease to fully work and the operation of protective equipment is greatly complicated by the lack of support from the manufacturer. Under these conditions the migration of companies to domestic products looks absolutely logical. For example the lack of a fully functioning web gateway whose task is to provide users with secure access to resources.

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As well as new modifications of malware

ON the Internet makes the company almost defenseless in the face of cyber attacks. The risk of corporate infrastructure infection increases significantly: a user can download a malicious file become a victim of an encryptor go to a phishing site or accidentally Mailing Data Pro give away confidential information outside. Even if the product works but does not receive updates its full-fledged work cannot be called because it uses outdated databases and recognition logics – while the threat landscape is constantly changing.

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