Secondit allows Azure customers to transfer their Azure investment and experience to on-premises data centers. The hybrid cloud configuration offers users significantly more flexibility. When scaling and migrating from cloud-native workloadsas well as the ability to  all policies from a single interface. In a nutshellthis is how it works: FirstNutanix Karbon helps configure and deploy Kubernetes clusters on Nutanix HCI. The clusters can then be plac under the purview of Azure’s known monitoring and management capabilities via Azure Arc. This hybrid cloud configuration is shown in the figure below.

Manage Kubernetes applications

True Azure Arc enabl Kubernetes clusters running Nutanix HCI “Nutanix has earn a reputation for making infrastructure configuration and management easy and intuitive said Arpan Shahgeneral manager for Azure at Microsoft“and their approach to leveraging Kubernetes on-premises is no exception. This is a benefit for customers who want to consistently  in Netherland Business Email List the cloud and on-premises. With Azure Arc-enabl Kubernetescustomers can centrally configure and deploy applications to their Nutanix infrastructure for a seamless hybrid experience.” Broadly speakinguse cases for extending Azure to Arc-enabl Kubernetes clusters running on Nutanix HCI include: · Monitoring Monitor clusters in hybrid environments with Azure Monitor.

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Good introduction to Azure

Policy management Deploy and enforce policies for Kubernetes clusters in hybrid environments. GitOps Deploy applications and manage them using GitOps-bas configuration management. Nutanixas a sponsor of the Microsoft Ignite. Conferencehas its own section on the Mailing Data Pro conference wsite where you can find a lot of additional information. There is also a minute on-demand video. With a  Arc enabl Kubernetes clusters on Nutanix HCI . Do the practical test! If you’re thinking about using Nutanix HCI as the foundation for your on-premises cloud-native environmentgive it a try: The Nutanix Test Drive ™ program gives you hands-on insight and hands-on experience.

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