CRUD operations that administrators had to perform for each individual cluster in the associat Prism Element management console. The pc..5 release clos one of these gaps by allowing management of storage volumes at the group level under Prism Central. With AOS . and Prism Central pc..all storage container management tasks can now be perform directly from Prism Central. This means that administrators have access to the entire range of functions across the various clusters in one central location. true Extend maintenance mode From time to timeindividual nodes within.

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A cluster require maintenance—for exampleto replace or upgrade hardware components. This requires moving workloads off those nodes and notifying the cluster. That the node will be temporarily offline to prevent unnecessary alarms. In Nutanix HCI environmentsthis is done Azerbaijan Business Email List via a special maintenance modewhich marks a node as offline in order to be able to service it. AOS . extends and improves maintenance mode in several waysirst and foremosthe can now be activat from within Prism; previously maintenance mode had to be start from the command line.

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Remov from the select hostbut also subsequently restor back to their original. Pre-maintenance locationsavoiding unnecessary workload migrations and quickly restoring data locality. These enhancements make it easier for Nutanix administrators Mailing Data Pro to perform maintenance. with the least possible impact on workloads. X-Play Extensions Nutanix’s X-Play™ automation of routine tasks. To do thisit defines a trigger e. an alarm or an event and the actions to be . Prism Central pc.. adds four new actions to its action list : Look up clusterhost or VM details. That’s different actions: Previouslyquerying for details from an entity requir creating an API call to read those details. For exampleif you want to use a VM’s IP address in a future action you.

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