Possible risks can be minimized by conducting. Comprehensive in-depth pre-project analytics. We recommend our clients the . Following sequence of actions: analyze the possibility of maintaining the existing infrastructure including the latest. Versions of Western software; analyze the IT landscape as a whole and specific software for import. Substitution opportunities; develop an import substitution strategy that includes a budget approaches risk assessment etc.; consistently and systematically migrate to non-sanctioned systems; organize staff training and technical support systems. As a system integrator RDTECH is ready to be a reliable partner for its customers at every step including.

located on the territory of the Russian Federation

Supporting the existing infrastructure developing a strategy implementing. The best solutions at the moment organizing a support line and training employees. Alexander Rozhkov (T): Amidst the hype some domestic companies . Are bringing to market under-mature Conduit CN products (MVPs) which are often poorly. Documented in terms of reference manuals and supporting documentation. Such products as a rule do not undergo appropriate approbation. Comprehensive testing and do not have a well-formed technical support service. All these factors carry the risk of failures during operation. It is very important that the products be registered in the Unified Register of Russian.

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Software and also have security certificates from the FSTEC and the Ministry of Digital Development. In this context sandboxes pilot. Projects and stress tests remain effective tools (in February of this year such events were held in banks. Separately it should be said Mailing Data Pro about .  Commercial products when building critical business applications. By exploiting vulnerabilities in OpenSource products attackers get a number of opportunities. – from stealing confidential data to performing DDoS attacks. Therefore today the analysis and scanning of source code for vulnerabilities and undeclared features is becoming a prerequisite when using OpenSource. It is equally important that the infrastructure facilities on which OpenSource operates.

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