Cloud-bas Database-as-a-Service DBaaS offerings promise to quickly create value by providing new services. Howeverexecutives and database administrators often find out after a short time that their use binds them to inflexibleprovider-specific platforms. With Era Nutanix offers the opportunity to break away from this and provision and manage databases according to your own requirements. For the Era . version now present Nutanix has continu to work on making the simplicityefficiencyagilitycost-effectiveness and scalability of the cloud usable for databases everywhere Era.

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Offers simplefast and consistent management from a central control in the public cloudprivate cloud and hybrid cloud alike. From one management interfacatabase operations managers can Mexico Business Email List now quickly deploy self-contain and highly available multi-regionmulti-cloud databases. This means that Era-power databases running on Hyperconverg Nutanix Hyperconverg Infrastructure HCI will all work and behave the same – no matter where they’re running. Transparency and controlĀ  Machine” function us for cloning and restoring has also been expand for Era.

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It now enables a complete overview of all database backups and provides centraliz control over. Where the backups are storwho can access them and how long the data is retain. At any point in time with Era is a one-click copy and paste operationwhile also including automat update schules. The process can now span multiple Nutanix clusters in different. Regions or from production to Mailing Data Pro downstream environments set up for testingdevelopment and reporting purposes. Instead of having to support databases in silos with different APIs and management interfaces. For each cloudDBAs now have visibility and control over all the databases they use. Additionally standards defin once in Era can be appli across multiple sites for deploymentpatchingprotection and cloning.

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