Available nowAOS brings a number of new innovative featuresfurther building on the core capabilities of our differentiat architecture. This release improves support for mission-critical workloads by making it even easier to achieve maximum performance and improve visibility and control over cluster resiliency. AdditionallyAOS simplifies securing and protecting large-scale deployments with long-await capabilities — including flow networking and the new DR dashboard. performance and scale Replication Factor RF Nutanix AOS protects application data for workloads running on an HCI cluster by storing multiple copies of the data.

Many modern big data applications

AOS stores different copies on different nodes within the clusterso data can be automatically recover in the event of a hardware failure. The so-call “replication factor” could previously be configur in such a way that either two or three copies respectively RF or Israel Business Email List RF were creat.  such as Hadoop®SAS Analytics®Splunk® and NoSQL® databases protect their own data at the application layer rather than relying on the underlying infrastructure. In additiontraditional SQL databases often also store some temporary data that is inherently ephemeral and does not ne to be protect. Nutanix AOS now supports the creation of storage containers with a replication factor of RFwhich means that data is no longer copi for rundancy reasons.

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Big data analytics workloads like

This enables two key benefits: Storage Efficiency: tierless physical storage mia is requirresulting in at least a 5 percent saving in storage space for these types of applications. Performance improvement: I/O write performance is improv because data does not have to be copi across Mailing Data Pro the entire networkproviding true data locality even for writes. Cloudera benefit from X faster turnaround timesX larger data set processingand SAS Analytics benefits from .5x throughput increases. true Metadata rewarming In addition to new features that deliver performance gains Nutanix is ​​continually working to improve the underlying architecture.

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