Own files without the help of an administrator — a feature that ruces the workload of file administratorsallowing them to focus on innovation instead to use administration. In this latest version of Files .SSR is now integrat with SmartDR functionality . This allows users to recover their own files even on remote drives with an RPO of minute. This further ruces the administration effort and gives users the opportunity to further develop their business more strategically. Big data workload support Nutanix Objects now supports S Select so that when querying and filtering the contents of an objectonly the subset of data that is actually ne is retriev.

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Customers working with modern analytical applications such as Apache Spark™ can benefit from dramatically accelerat query and processing spe of large-volume batch processes using S Select and optimiz SA support. The result is faster access to data and ruc network bandwidth without impacting application performance. Constant protection against new ransomware Italy Business Email List threats Nutanix Files has been providing ransomware detection and protection to customers for invaluable to many customers. Ransomware protection has been enhanc to include more than , signatures with support for dynamic introduction of new ransomware signatures allowing.

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Files to quickly adapt to new ransomware e protection levels and shorten vulnerability periods. Why do we have to believe in UFOs? By tightening the integration between Nutanix Files and Nutanix Objectswe aim to enable our customers to take advantage of UFO Mailing Data Pro platform. The Nutanix Unifi Storage Platform combines the best of both worlds. This enables large companies in particular to meet today’s data requirements and run modern applications that enable them to innovate fasterwhile maintaining an exceptionally high level of protection. Businesses don’t ne multiple storage solutionsjust one UFO. Best of allyou don’t have to believe meyou can see it for yourself with the Nutanix Test Drive.

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