For security services at Positive Technologies amounte to at least a third of all requests in Yulia Voronova director of consulting at the company told Forbes. Employees of Kaspersky Lab work virtually in two shifts due to the influx of new customers said Mikhail Pribochiy managing director of this company in Russia and the CIS countries. The demand for firewalls (Firewall) that protect the corporate network from unauthorize access has grown at Angara Security said Alexander Dvoryansky Director for Special Projects at the company. Due to massive cyber attacks. ON the infrastructure Russian vendors of information security solutions have to put out fires: now protection.

For attacks on Russian ISPs and government

Systems against DDoS attacks and other external threats as well as protection of web applications are especially in demand says Deputy Director of the Information Security Center of Jet Infosystems Pavel Volchkov. In Russia such cybersecurity solutions by foreign companies as technologies against DDos attacks Web Application Firewall technologies as well as  Indian Phone Number List solutions of the web proxy class that analyze traffic and prevent the user from accessing malicious resources or using social networks during working hours a Forbes source in a Russian cybersecurity company note.

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Websites. In addition experts record an increase

Companies mainly bought web proxies from the American Fortinet the Forbes interlocutor adde. He note that the company he works for has stoppe promoting its services and their advertising as there is already a queue of potential customers. Russian information security Mailing Data Pro companies cannot process all the applications that come to them since each implemente solution requires human resources and some incidents are monitore by living people – you can’t just pile more work on them says a source in a Russian cybersecurity company . According to him now his organization gives priority to the protection of companies from the top in Russia as well as those organizations whose websites are hacke badly reflecte on the country’s image.

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