The happiest companies are the ones that give and generate trust. Faced with the directed model, in which the boss acts as a kind of father figure for the employees, it is necessary to bet on empowerment and trust that the workers will be able to make good decisions for themselves. These are the keys to trust in the company: Consider the organization as a living being that must be structured in a flexible manner. Downplay hierarchies. Allow workers to make decisions freely, based on the core values ​​of the company (which we will have previously defined). 2) Set goals… Goals provide structure, motivation and meaning at work.

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If they are too general, it will be difficult to Bulk SMS Slovakia establish when they have been achieved. Measurable : how are we going to define success? Achievable and realistic : Building castles in the air can be counterproductive instead of motivating. With an assigned deadline : Deadlines help spur motivation. 3) …but don’t get obsessed with them Goals are important for happiness at work, but paradoxically, obsessing over them will prevent us from achieving it. And it is that if we are always thinking about what we want to achieve, we do not appreciate the present moment and the achievements of the path. So it’s important to always keep a proper perspective and keep in mind that goals are not everything.

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Caring about each other

But mistakes have a lot to teach us. In Mailing Data Pro to improve at something, we have to get out of our comfort zone, and that implies a risk of being wrong. But nothing happens, because behind the failures the best lessons are hidden. Apple III and the iPhone… history is full of business failures that led to great successes. If you want to work in a happy company, don’t be afraid of being wrong. 5) Connect with others Nowadays, all the great successes come from teamwork. Therefore, connecting with colleagues is essential to achieve happiness at work. Creating a team spirit goes through day-to-day activities and small details, such as wishing others well, being happy for the successes of others and doing things together (even if it’s having a coffee). In this way, the happiness of one will translate into the happiness of all.

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