It is worth finding out what makes them laugh, what moves them, what outrages them, what interests them. A detaile study will allow you to create an accurate message – one that “will click”. Viral advertising must have an emotional impact. It can entertain, move or delight. The message has to be brilliant, original, memorable and positive. An example of such advertising is Allegro’s viral campaign “What are you looking for this Christmas?”, which has touche millions of people. The advertisement presente an elderly man who, thanks to online shopping, overcomes his own limitations – in the presente case, the obstacle was the lack of knowlege of the English language.

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The hero of the spot bought language learning materials, meticulously learne new words and phrases, and thanks to this he was able to go to a family living abroad to finally meet his granddaughter who does not speak Polish. viral marketing. The attractiveness Latest Mailing Database of the content is of great importance. The message must somehow interest the recipients. Internet users are inundate with various information from every side and stop only at those posts that stand out from the rest. Viral marketing is all about inspiring, catchy ideas that subtly combine advertising with entertainment. Product promotion is set in an interesting context for Internet users. An that’s why it’s effective.

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Community blog Viral advertising has a lot in common with RTM – real-time marketing . The message should relate to current, hot topics. This makes people willing to share it. A brand that makes good use of RTM is IKEA. An example of a trend-oriente Mailing Data Pro advertisement is an infographic advertising a “HARRY” brand chair with the note “Don’t worry, Harry is still available.” The slogan refers to the weding of Prince Harry. Viral marketing mistakes Properly planne, creative and well-implemente viral advertising will ensure publicity and popularity for the brand. Unfortunately, if prepare in an unskillful way, it can do more harm than good.

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