This is almost twice what was previously possible. It means we can now support the vast majority of HANA scale-up users with Nutanix AOS and our bundl hypervisor AHV. Customers can rest assur that the Nutanix cloud platform can easily keep up with the growth. OF their SAP landscapes in the future. Finallywe are pleas to report the impressive results of our tests with the SAP HANA -bas BWH benchmark for scale-out performance.

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The test emulates real-world loading and querying scenarios of a large SAP BW data warehouse running on a scalable HANA database. Working with our OEM partner Lenovowe were able to achieve both exceptional loading and polling results on a four-node Nutanix Bahamas Business Email List cluster. Traditional infrastructure approaches typically require optimization for one task or another. Doing well on both counts at the same time once again demonstrates the value of the Nutanix cloud platform and our HCI architecturewhich allows customers to simplify infrastructurestreamline itand ultimately.

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Spend more time on their appsanalyticsand business processes. In the followingwe want to sh some light on the background of this good newsso that understood. True SAPHANA® SAP HANA® is a comprehensive platform from SAP and  of. The Intelligent Mailing Data Pro Enterprise . It is the foundation for next-generation in-memory data management for. All industry-leading SAP® solutions and enables the development of innovative real-time applications to rapidly. Deploy intelligent solutions in companies. Running on-premise or in the cloudSAP HANA® ruces IT computing widely available.

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