They also allow for a better understanding of the potential of databases as a service. Set the right priorities As companies become more familiar with DBaaSthey will use its advanc features to expand their own capabilities. Among other thingsthis will help to eliminate one of the biggest annoyances of today’s database environments in companies: sil data. After allit makes sense that everyone in a company should be able to access data. Access to data should be an integral part of the overall IT environment and open to everyone: developers and  who want to generate reportsand front-line employees

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who want to understand their concerns. DBaaS makes it possible. Another challenge for data teams is to ensure that companies reliably adhere to all compliance requirements for personal and sensitive data. Because not only technologies are evolvingbut also regulations that Luxembourg Business Email List demand more and more from companies in terms of securitystorageaccess and analysis of data.  to adapt to these changes and remain compliant. This is where hyper-converg infrastructures come into play. They not only offer a software-driven solution that virtualizes the technology stack in data centers. Ratherthey also allow outdat on-premises databases to be transform into an as-a-service environment.

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A practical example: The American low-cost airline JetBlue had to maintain an inventory of eight Oracle production databases and more than twice as many staging and development instances in a primary and secondary data center. That meant a massive maintenance and Mailing Data Pro sure the databases were up to date. HoweverDBaaS enabl the airline to consolidate the management of its productiondevelopment and staging instances and to apply automat software patches with just one click. Mastering the future through agility Companies that choose DBaaS and integrate it into their operations can better adapt to customer requirements. At the same timethey are making their organizations more flexible and agileenabling.

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