Their opinion in the email channel. In this way, you will not only demonstrate how much you appreciate them, but also understand which processes need to be optimized. An email survey, like a litmus test, will show in which direction to build an anti-crisis strategy. Here is an example of such a letter from the Tom Tailor store:  Poorly understanding your client: his needs,  what and when to offer him, in which channel it is better to do it, you will eventually lose the buyer. And soon you will find that you are earning less. Solution: Create a seamless shopping experience in all communication channels, which would take into account all the data about customers and their behavior; Make the most interesting product offers, personalizing them for each customer segment.

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Case Rumik . We segment the client audience and make relevant offers Customers who make purchases in one category may not be interested in goods from other sections South Africa Mobile Number List of the online store at all, so they can be segmented into categories and offer relevant product selections, as Rumikom does : Segmentation by category Customer Intelligence and retention matrix: how to analyze Churn rate and build systematic work with the client base One way to understand what’s happening with your customer base over time is to use the Customer Intelligence system .

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We have developed this module of our platform to automatically identify customer segments and track them over time. It allows businesses to get an answer to the Mailing Data Pro question of what is happening with the customer base as a whole and with each segment separately, including tracking the Churn rate. Based on a smart mathematical model, a retention matrix is ??built for each store. With its help, the retailer can see how customers are moving between segments, which segments are growing and which require attention.

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