PHe last -3 years? How has your company’s product portfolio chang in line with this trend? Can we say that the percentage of domestic and foreign. Products has changed in your product portfolio The issues of import substitution are not new for our country. This direction has been worked out for many years Our portfolio is regularly replenished. With Russian solutions the current year will obviously receive a booster development in this sense. How do you assess the readiness of domestic IT manufacturers to provide integrated solutions for import substitution. In what segments of software and hardware solutions do. Our manufacturers have achievements and in which are we still. I sagging Not all areas have Been worked out yet but many classes.

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OF information security solutions have analogues of Russian origin. If we talk about the basic classes of systems (NGFW EDR SIEM Sandbox etc.) then in this case there are implementations that are not inferior in functionality to Western counterparts and a competitive environment within the country. But more advanced solutions (for example Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List DWH protection API protection) appear in our country with a clear lag behind the world market. It should be understood that almost all IT solutions in the world. use the global accumulated experience these are Open Source components access to expert knowledge and directly . Physical components produced in different countries.

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None of the countries has a completely closed production cycle. — What does your portfolio for import substitution look like now and are there any plans to increase it in the near future? — Last year and since the beginning of this year we have already significantly increased Mailing Data Pro the list of Russian vendors in the portfolio and in the near future we plan to actively expand their number. We are one of the most flexible integrators in terms of introducing new solutions to the company’s product range. And we a to the portfolio not just a replacement for a specific solution in the form of a Russian product but we introduce the entire line of solutions from a new vendor – this allows us to create ecosystems with a high.

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