Ethical and legal Digital Advertising – Assume that all the advertising you do follows the rules set by the client and complies with the legislation established in the country where the work is carried out. This is undoubtedly the key point for ethical online advertising . Marketers do not have to stick only to doing the job and achieving results, we have to go a step further and try to do things well and provide added value to everyone who sees our work. 2# No to fraudulent advertising – Another of the fundamental pillars or rules to ensure that digital advertising meets certain values ​​is to avoid fraudulent messages to achieve the objectives promised to the client. Honesty and transparency are vital . In this sense, it is not worth lying to our clients using unethical techniques or strategies.

Ethical and legal Digital Advertising

On the contrary, we must focus on those formats Bulk SMS Austria and messages that add value to the public. Advertising can contribute to a better and fairer world if it is used correctly and honestly. 3# Intrusive advertising does not think of the consumer – Above all, we must think of the user. In this sense, Digital Ads must avoid being intrusive. That is, that advertising that appears before the user and is forced to consume. This is not thinking about the consumer and it generates a bad image since it is annoying . We must reject this type of advertising and bet on non-intrusive formats that can provide added value to users . Intrusive advertising not only produces enormous rejection in the user, but also, in the long run, does not usually give good results.

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 No to fraudulent advertising

Strive to do things well and you will get your reward Harmony. The concept Mailing Data Pro of harmony refers to the connection or the butterfly effect produced by one advertising message in another. In advertising, everything is connected. Therefore, an announcement today may have an impact on another tomorrow. In the same way, an advertising message in a specific format can affect another in a different format. Ethics applied to marketing and digital advertising is also closely related to the philosophy of the company behind it, its efforts, initiatives, strengths or shortcomings.

We must be aware that the stories that marketers create and disseminate have always influenced the public. This gives us great power that we have to use positively, reinforcing our social commitment to people and their well-being. 5# Total transparency with our clients. The relationship between the creative or marketing and advertising company and the client must be as close as possible. Trust and transparency must prevail above all else. For this reason, it is of vital importance that we communicate to the clients all the results obtained by our work with the maximum possible transparency. In this way, we all win. It is useless to try to hide some details or results, we must be honest and 100% upright with them.

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