Tips from experts thoughts from executives news from the business world. From hyper-converged infrastructure to enterprise cloud – join the discussion. FEATURED BLOG Hybrid Multi-Cloud Complexity Solution: Nutanix Introduces Simplified Cloud Portfolio Powerdata services and cyber resiliency for mission-critical applications and databases By Allan Waters The latest version of AOSNutanix’s core software for hype converged.

Main things to keep in mind

Infrastructurenow available. With improved performance security and integrated data services needed for demanding database workloads and mission-critical Country Email List applications version AOS .5 is the most comprehensive update ever. There are three when classifying AOS .5: More and more performance-heavy business-critical applications and databases run on HCI. Ideallycyber resilience is built into the storage architecturenot on top of it. Granular snapshots and replication data services are a key purchase criterion.

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Now for the detailed product features and how they  to replace the SAN for database workloads and mission-critical applications. Sub-millisecond performance for critical database Mailing Data Pro workloads HCI is known to simplify IT environments with a server-basedsoftware-driven model typical of all modern architectures. But how does a scale-out-premises SANs and Fiber Channel? The performance improvements in AOS .5 show that HCI could be faster than many SAN deployments. AOS .5 includes NVMe tiering for Intel Optane SSD multi-threaded vDisks and metadata cache rewarming to deliver.

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