Conditions are right and the time is right. VDI is still a niche today but one that can no longer be neglect. Right now however a lot is coming together that plays VDI into the cards and through which the approach can demonstrate its strengths. All of the technology trends mention above already speak in favor of VDI. But I have the feeling that dealing with the effects of the pandemic will be a turning point for VDI. Because as soon as someone from the CIO and CEO to the users in the company has experience with VDI they quickly become aware of the advantages.

Employees to work from home

IN short VDI offers a highly economical secure and effective way to deploy client infrastructure. This is particularly evident in uncertain times in which rapid smooth  is the trump cardake home office flexible for all employees By: Thomas Burger and Pascal Scheib The measures to Saudi Arabia Business Email List contain the corona pandemic caught many companies unprepar. It turns out that allowing . This also entails considerable security risks. With an end-user computing solution like Nutanix Xi Frame both aspects can be address quickly and easily. As part of the exit restrictions and the measures to contain the corona virus companies have order their employees to work from home as far as possible.

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Does not only entail technical difficulties

IN many companies this turn previous practices upside down. Home office was often only reserv for a small group of people or permitt in exceptional cases. Exceptions prove the rule. Because the necessary changes came so suddenly they often caught companies Mailing Data Pro unprepar. And the employees first have to learn how to deal with the new situation. This applies not only to the division of work and communication with colleagues but also to safety measures. While the workplaces within the company network are comparatively well secur things are usually different at home. Cyber ​​criminals quickly notic this fact. In the new situation it is much.

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