What exactly does a person in charge of happiness do in their day to day? These are 10 of the tasks that define your position: Make employees feel valued. Not only as professionals, but also as people. Emotions do not stay at the door when we enter the office, they also come to work with us! Recognizing this is an essential step on the road to a happy company. Guarantee the basic principles. For employees to feel motivated and fulfilled in their jobs, the first thing they need is good wages and working conditions. Listen to the employees . To understand what workers need to be happy, it is necessary to listen to them. Only in this way can we detect when something is wrong and what to do to correct it. For example, at our strategy is to use a happiness traffic light .

tasks of the Chief Happiness Officer

Appreciate daily work . Nothing “burns” faster than Bulk SMS Sender Pakistan feeling that the effort is not rewarded. Therefore, the happiness manager must ensure that employees know that their work matters. Give freedom . Gone is the “tyrant boss” model. If you want your employees to surprise you with your abilities, give them the freedom to organize their own work and schedules. In addition, this way they will be able to adapt work to their life and not the other way around, so they will be much more productive. Support growth . Work can and should be a source of personal fulfillment at all levels. And to feel fulfilled, people have to have space to grow, train and continue learning every day. The CHO should help them have the means and resources to do it within the job.

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Guarantee the basic principles

Help reconcile Faced with rigid office hours, a happy Mailing Data Pro company must be able to recognize the importance of reconciling personal and work life. Measures such as flexible hours and vacations make employees feel cared for and give their best. Creating a work environment It’s not all about productivity and salary: employees must be able to have a good time in their day-to-day work. Ensuring this environment is a key responsibility of the Chief Happiness Officer. Encourage teamwork . The proper functioning of the teams is a “symptom” of the proper functioning of a company, not only at a productive level but also with regard to happiness at work. To guarantee this, the person in charge of happiness can be in charge of organizing team building activities, retreats and other measures that promote group spirit. Empower employees . The more power employees have over the running of the company, the more emotional energy they will invest in it and the more satisfied they will feel with their day to day. d.

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