The network consists of an online store and 100 offline stores throughout Russia. Approximately 25 new outlets open every year Every month the number of loyalty program participants increases by 10% The company’s website is visited by 450,000 people every month Goals and objectives The main goal of ?ozy Home was to increase the effectiveness of advertising channels using a data-driven approach. We decided to start by improving one of the main targeting methods on Facebook – Look-alike (LAL for short). The technology works like this: you upload a segment of users who are already interacting with you (for example, sleeping, registered, etc.

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OR some information about them (email, phone), and based on this data, the system looks for new potential customers similar to your target audience and show them ads. Search for similar audiences allows the functionality of most advertising systems. But for the search to be Belize Mobile Number List effective, people in the provided segment must already be somewhat similar to each other. Otherwise, it is difficult for the system to find suitable users, which affects the quality of advertising communications with a new audience. How base segmentation helped to halve the ADR of advertising campaigns: Cozy Home case Retail Rocket solution.

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Preparation stage To create our own high-quality segments, we first needed to collect First-party customer data in one place. This is unique data that a company receives directly from customers when they use its website, mobile application, loyalty program, subscribe Mailing Data Pro to an email newsletter, etc. In addition to basic information such as gender and age, it also includes deeper and more valuable knowledge about the behavior and interests of the audience. Our Data Warehouse module helped to combine all this data from online and offline sources and create a single profile for each client . How base segmentation helped to halve the ADR of advertising campaigns: Cozy Home case Then, using another module of the Customer Intelligence Platform.

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