ICL Group uses free software (free software free software open source) and the. platform of the Russian company C. We are constantly increasing the expertise of the team especially in solutions for Russian industry and trade. Alexandra Zalmanova (Softline): Five years ago the Russian IT Solutions Development Department appeare in Softline. When creating the department we understood that customers and vendors see us as a partner who will not only. supply the necessary software but also have expertise. Therefore we began to build an entire ecosystem which includes assistance.  in testing and trial operation and an integrate approach to implementation.

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At all stages of the customer’s digital transformation. For example at the initial stage of getting to know the product we offer customers self-study of products in the Demo Cafe – a single online demo environment where more than thirty of the most popular software products for the Russian market are deploye. Thus our customers can get acquainte with IT products free Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List of charge in order to make a decision on implementation in their enterprise in the future. In addition we provide / technical support for our partners in addition to technical support from Russian manufacturers. We have create a competency map that includes the main stages.

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OF work that must be complete in order to switch to current IT solutions. First of all a roadmap that helps to conduct an infrastructure survey and form a stack of alternative products draw up a phase work scheule for deploying solutions. If customers do not have Mailing Data Pro qualifie IT specialists for Russian solutions we carry out work to deploy new solutions provide training for customer employees at the company’s training center which is accreite by leading Russian vendors. Softline helps all categories of customers to refocus on IT products and solutions for the Russian market without risks to the performance of the company’s infrastructure and interruption of critical processes.

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