This is a complete guide to choosing a baitcaster for beginners.

This article was initially a guide note for myself when buying a reel. But I decided to share it publicly on the blog.

God willing, I will try to provide a complete and detailed guide to help us choose the best baitcaster according to our budget and needs.

If this is the note you need let’s get started What makes us interested in reel baitcaster

Undoubtedly, when we start obsessing about the Latest Mailing Database world of casting, sooner or later we will need a baitcaster reel.

Baitcaster reels (BC) are created for those who want more control and precision in their casting.

It’s also more powerful to handle oversized, deep-diving lures and large, heavy spinnerbaits.

In this article, we will look at the advantages of using BC and the things to look for in choosing the best baitcaster.

This article will answer the following questions:
1. Advantages of using a baitcaster

2. Things to consider when choosing Baitcaster

What are the advantages of using a baitcaster over a horizontal reel?

Today’s baitcaster reels not only offer good looks and feel comfortable in the hand; even it also offers some advantages.

Among them are:

1. The use of a rougher rope.
The use of coarse and high-strength rope is more suitable for use on baitcaster reels.

The design of the baitcaster allows it to handle hard and thick lines such as fluorocarbon lines without problems because there is no friction and line coils like spinning reels.

Avoiding twisted ropes Wind knot problems often occur on horizontal reel

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Due to the design of the baitcaster that winds the Mailing Data Pro rope vertically and straight, the problem of twisted rope does not exist.

After all, if our thumb is used to controlling the speed of the reel, the problem of twisted rope or backlash must be very rare.

3. Suitable for large and deep lures
Baitcasters are great for using large and heavy lures.

It is also suitable for deep diving lures.

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