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Events or circumstancesBy: Rob TribeVP Systems Engineering EMEA at Nutanix In the years leading up to the pandemicit seem like an unwritten law at enterprise technology conferences that the buzzword “agility” had to be present at all times. This is how companies Cambodia Business Email List should be agile because “the world is changing”. It was also often heard: “Nothing is as constant as change” – a fitting quote from the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclituseven if it sounds more and more worn out with each passing decade. Todayhoweverit is evident that all those speakers who prais adaptability and agility to the skies at the time were rightor perhaps were more right. Of coursein this day and agewhen things have become even more unprictable than usualit makes sense to be able to change your route at any time.

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Events like this pandemicgeopolitical conflictstrade warssupply chain chaos and extreme weather eventsas well as plans for the future of sustainability and the future of our planetcontinue to turn the status quo on its head. I prefer the term “flexibility” in this  the Mailing Data Pro same as agilitybut is a little less pretentious. I would argue that maintaining flexibility incompanies to weather such events and thrive. Flexible licensing in the subscription model With very few exceptionsit is clear that the verdict on the preferr method of paying for software has fallen in favor of subscription licensing. Enterprise software once follow a one-size-fits-all model: you paid upfrontwith plenty of excess capacity factor in to avoid hitting a ceiling.

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