Neee by the business the leaks of which cause scandals. At the same time an increasingly significant part of information systems goes to the cloud employees move to a remote location that is the IS contour is blurre. According to her in recent years the demand for DLP-systems is constantly growing. Along with this the requirements of customers for such solutions are also growing. She spoke about the Solar Dozor system. Fast search is provide by the Elastic Search engine base on.

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The fault-tolerant Clickhouse DBMS data analysis is performe using artificial intelligence and technologies. in the MultiDozor module help reuce the load on data transmission channels Recently the number of cyberattacks carrie. out using malicious Botnets List of US Mobile Phone Numbers has almost triple. The main threats are: creential capture web scraping resource capture payment data compromise etc. said Vladimir Vakatsienko technical consultant Radware . These attacks are very intense but short-live but enough to cause significant damage. It is impossible to detect them without special protective equipment. Vladimir Vakatsienko suggeste using a combination of advance.

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Machine learning technologies and expert services to proactively respond to such threats. These are protection base on real-time behavioral analysis automatic protection. of applications and APIs in both traditional and cloud and micro service environments deep machine. learning technologies to identify bad bots. Adware uses proprietary behavioral analysis Mailing Data Pro technologies to counter all kinds of threats. However this does not lead to additional network delays. Security as a Service Russian Kosarim Deputy General Director Angara Security suggeste discussing the development. of a service model for the provision of information security services in particular the provision of information. Security services under a Manage Security Services ( MSS ) subscription. According to him in the coming years this market will actively grow due to a shortage of personnel the development of hybrid work formats and business digitalization.

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