One of these improvements concerns the increase in performance immiately after operations such as VM migrations and restarts of the controller virtual machine due to plann and unplann events. Applications with a large workspace and high IOPS requirements are particularly affect by such events as the in-memory cache becomes invalid. The new “Metadata Re-Warming” function actively pre-fills the metadata cacheensuring that application performance quickly returns to its optimal state after plann and unplann events. AES Brownfield Aiming to maximize the benefits of data

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localityNutanix introduc the Autonomous Extent Store™ AES in AOS 5.bringing metadata locality to its architecture. AES split the global metadata layer into a separate global metadata layer for logical attributes and a local metadata layer for physical attributes. This significantly Japan Business Email List improv performance for applications with end-to-end write processes. Before AOS AES could only be us on newly creat clusters ie Greenfield. Starting immiatelywith AOS .existing non- the requirements will be automatically convert to AES. This enables customers to increase performance with the same hardware through a process running in the background.

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Support for next-generation platforms for Ice Lake and AMD Milan Nutanix has announc. Software support for the next generation of server platforms bas. ON rd generation Intel® Xeon® Ice Lake Scalable processors. This means lower total cost of ownership  platform generations. In additiona larger platform and configuration choice for customersimprov Mailing Data Pro computing power. With up to percent more processor cores and up to percent higher in-host memory density and performance are part of the notable enhancements. Nutanix hat außerdem die Unterstützung von Prozessoren der AMD-Serie EPYC®- Milan zusammen mit seiner. OEM-Gerätefamilie — mit HPE ProLiant® DXder Dell® XC Series und der Lenovo ThinkAgile® HX Series — angekündigt. Die Prozessoren der EPYC–Serie von AMD bieten bis zu Kerne pro Socketacht Kanäle für DDR-Speicher und bis zu Prozent Leistungssteigerung.

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