Made in Italy is still not very present on the web and little known abroad although.  Italy boasts excellence in the food and fashion sectors. Marketing Freaks therefore aims to motivate and inform companies with a small guide for digital transformation as change, first of all, must be cultural.

What is the trend of Digital Transformation?

The trend of digital transformation is growing, the pioneering countries are India, France, England and the USA . But how is the situation in Italy?


From Eurisko ICT 2013 data, only 34% of SMEs have their own website and only 13% use it for e-commerce . A more qualitative Coleman Parkes research reveals that 63 % of SMEs declare that they are not even remotely ready for this transformation.The research also reveals that a majority of executives (83%) believe CIOs are reas is recognized by executives as having the greatest positive impact on business growth. However, it’s also the area that CIOs are least able to change: just 9 percent believe they have the power to do so.

Google CEO Schmidt also got into the matter:

Young Italians lack digital training

So then the government’s plans for the digital training of SMEs begin and the help of Google with the Digital Excellence project which aims to train humatime to Database maken resources to be brought into the company. In short , government vouchers and external aid arrive  , all to bring the excellence of Made in Italy to the world. But if there are so many aids, what does Italy need to innovate?


we at Marketing Freaks asked ourselves this and found an answer: perhaps we just need to better understand and delve into the subject . That’s whycampaigns Mailing Datapro blogs in the article we will explain the definition, the compositional elements and the digital transofmration strategy.

What is digital transformation ?

Digital Transformation consists in redesigning the offer of one’s business to.

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