Seizes They just don’t know what to do how to choose products that won’t. Conflict with each other are suitable for use in a particular project and so on. And besides it’s not a secret for anyone that domestic equipment does not have such rich functionality as foreign equipment its technical support is not so debugged and the documentation is not worked out in such detail. Therefore for the customer there is a great risk of not being able to cope with this on their own. And they turn to partners integrators who having a variety of competencies and experience . will help to decide on a set of solutions and take responsibility for the performance of the implemented system.

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From this follows another noticeable change today concerning approaches to projects based on domestic solutions. Customers have become more trustful of the integrator than the manufacturer. We are returning to the period when . The expertise and practice of a system A Complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers integrator were of key importance in working with a customer. Of course this cannot but inspire us. And another inspiring sign of the present time is that in Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. dated September system integrators are listed as participants in the end-to-end project for the introduction of Russian products of the radio-electronic industry.

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NGR Soft lab CEO Dmitry Popov: Previously customers preferred Russian solutions due to budgetary constraints the possibility of influencing the development of a particular. Class of solutions and in some cases – due to requirements. Since the second half of Mailing Data Pro February the picture has undergone significant changes. For many companies the process of import substitution has become a matter of strategic business sustainability. Against this background a number of companies are ready to reduce functional requirements and give Russian manufacturers a chance.

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