Access on the other handthe distribut system offers reliability and scalability. Shadow Clones for MCS : For organizations that use Citrix Machine Creation Services to provision. Virtual machinesan implementation of data locality offers a special feature. Shadow clones automatically cache all master images on the local SSDs of the hostsso that boot times can be drastically ruc. It also enables faster logins and application launchesas well as faster read accesses and ruces the bandwidth requir.

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INcidentallythis also works when using link clones or instant clones. Nutanix simplifies administration Citrix integration : Citrix administrators can use Citrix Studio to provision and manage. Guatemala Business Email List virtual machines themselves and add additional Nutanix resources. The same applies to customers who use Citrix Cloud Serviceshere too VMs can be roll out in their own data cStudio. High-availability vDisk Store for PVS : For companies using Citrix Provisioning Servicesa vDisk Store can be made available quickly and easily with the help of Nutanix Files.

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Simplifi Datastores  Nutanix simplifies datastore management by using a largehighly. Available datastore that spans all nodes and disks in a cluster. This simplifies the handling of  no longer have to be copi and made available via different data stores. IN additionyou no longer Mailing Data Pro location of the write cache because Nutanix automatically.Uses the fastest persistent storage in the cluster to store write cache data. Manual steps such as ralancing are also eliminat when the cluster is expand.

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