To be truly motivated at work, you can’t just repeat actions mechanically. Intentions count : do you know why you are doing what you do? Are you able to give him the best of you? The problem with many companies is that they are sacrificing the possibility of creating real motivation in their employees in exchange for short-term efficiency. The meetings, the cubicles, the schedules, everything is oriented to improve the results more or less immediately. It is very easy to create obligations to feel productive, but without producing real value. Think, for example, of email.

How to make your team motivated at work

How many new emails do you get per day? If you set Bulk SMS Germany your mind to it, surely you could spend a good part of your time busy only managing your email. And it’s possible that by the end of the day and seeing your inbox empty, you might have felt productive… but you wouldn’t have added any real value. The key, therefore, is not to be busy, but to decide what our long-term goals really are and set aside the time to work on them . If you want to feel motivated in your work, think about what are the things that you will remember in 6 months or in 5 years, the ones that you will feel proud of having achieved.

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work is a matter of good intentions

Surely keeping your inbox spotless day after Mailing Data Pro day is not one of them. Teams need to think about long-term goals and set aside some time to work towards them, because no one else is going to protect their time. But in addition to making responsible use of their own hours, they also have another critical mission: to motivate each other . And to achieve this, there are two fundamental tools: Give thanks . Teams need to take time to thank colleagues for their work and make them aware of all that they contribute. Only then will they feel valued and able to maintain their motivation in the long term. Encourage (really) teamwork . To achieve this, there is an essential concept that we can (and should!) pay attention to: social motivation.

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