If we ask our acquaintances, surely many will say that they would prefer to work less or even not work at all. But according to the 2017 Job Satisfaction Index, people who work more than 40 hours a week are more satisfied with their job than those who don’t work a full time. Does that mean that increasing the time we work makes us happier? Not necessarily. According to the experts, this result may be influenced by other factors, such as the fact that part-time jobs are less satisfying or that those who work more than 40 hours are passionate about their work.

Avoid the culture of presenteeism

A great example is that of IHH Nordic, a Danish SMS Gateway Norway company that introduced 4-day work weeks and managed to increase the company’s annual turnover by 20%. But not all are such resounding successes: In 2008, the state of Utah introduced a 4-day work week to reduce energy costs, improve air quality, and increase and maintain public jobs. However, three years later the measure was withdrawn because it never managed to achieve the desired results. Conclusion: how to work for happiness. In the end. We see signs that point in different directions, and it is that the crux of the matter is probably not in how much, but in how.

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Seek an amount of work

In my opinion, there are three key management Mailing Data Pro issues so that. The time we work is happier: Avoid the culture of presenteeism . Being in the office just to be there, warming up the chair, has never contributed to making anyone happy. In fact, if we analyze the case of IHH Nordic, we see that along with the reduction in working hours. A whole series of productivity techniques were implemented, such as encouraging employees. To use the Pomodoro method or outsourcing and automating less relevant tasks. Seek an amount of work appropriate to the circumstances .

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