At the time of implementation there were no technical documents and GOSTs that would somehow unify the regional segments of the Safe City APK. In fact each region built its segment from scratch and almost autonomously on the basis of federal funding or the PPP mechanism. Elena Antoshechkina EOS: As for the negative example of the lack of standards this point can also be illustrated by the example of the MEDO exchange. Thus one of the mn causes of errors and problems of interaction according to MEDO is the inconsistency of data on different sides of the exchange.

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Strange as it may sound the same organizations have different names in the databases of the parties to the exchange and this despite the fact that all organizations have official names that can and should be used! One has to make tremendous efforts to solve such problems at the France Mobile Number List ┬átechnical level these are substitution tables and autocorrect and other tricks. This adds weight to automated systems both for the developer and the user. And to correct the situation is relatively simple – it is necessary to standardize this data and ensure the possibility of their centralized maintenance and use by all participants in the exchange. This problem by the way is intended to be solved by the document mentioned above which approves the requirements for the maintenance of NSI MEDO. And there are many such examples. Ideally of course so that problems do.

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Not arise at all and each new direction or specific solution in the IT industry already at the time of its appearance is provided with an exhaustive package of regulatory Mailing Data Pro reference regulating and standardizing its development and use of documents. But this is a dream from the category of utopia although one must strive to achieve it. In reality it is necessary to constantly analyze the experience of using existing solutions evaluate promising solutions and respond as quickly as possible to the needs of the industry including by issuing standardizing materials and documents.

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