Google Play app stores you can make payments from a phone number – the corresponding functionality was announc by mobile operators. “Everything is shaky and nervous: why demand for cybersecurity solutions has grown in Russia Russian cybersecurity solution providers report a sharp increase in demand for their services after the start of a “military special operation” in Ukraine. The influx of customers is associat with massive hacker attacks against Russian companies and the withdrawal of foreign vendors from the market. However domestic solutions are often not suitable for working in large.

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Corporations with thousands of employees and Russian vendors cannot help everyone because of a lack of resources analysts interview by Forbes said. put out fires After the start of the “military special operation” in Ukraine Russian companies were massively attack by Bahamas Mobile Number List hackers and foreign vendors of cybersecurity solutions announc their withdrawal from Russia. Because of this the demand for the services of Russian companies in information security (IS) has sharply increas. From February  to March 1 the total number of requests for security services.

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ATPositive Technologies amount to at least a third of all requests in  Yulia Voronova director of consulting at the company told Forbes. Employees of Kaspersky Lab work “virtually in two shifts” due to the influx of new customers said Mikhail Pribochiy managing director of this company in Russia and the CIS countries. The demand for firewalls (Firewall) that protect the Mailing Data Pro corporate network from unauthoriz access has grown at Angara Security said Alexander Dvoryansky Director for Special Projects at the company. Due to massive cyber attacks on the infrastructure Russian vendors of information security solutions have to “put out fires: now protection systems against oS attacks and other.

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