OF Infosecurity a Softline Company a developer of protection against leaks corporate fraud and other digital threats. The websites appeare two weeks ago when there was a rush demand for paper Sergienko said. Alexander Dvoryansky director of special projects at Angara Security one of the largest companies in the Russian information security market Angara Security share similar statistics with Gazetau. From March to April the company’s analysts registere the appearance of at least domain names with the words paper or bumaga. They are primarily intereste in office paper but our list also includes a site that sells exclusively toilet paper registere on the sly in the same way Dvoryansky said.

A Softline Company is indicate by many factors

In addition fraudsters speculating on the issue of paper shortages are gradually expanding the geography of their activities. If earlier they were intereste only in Russia then in recent days their attention has also spread to Belarus and Kazakhstan the expert note. As for brands Sveto Tongliao Phone Number List Copy office paper is more often than others. One site actively mimics the official representative of this brand. A number of sites use the green and white color scheme that is typical for this brand Dvoryansky emphasize. The appearance of such sites was also confirme by the head of the analytical center of Zecurion Vladimir Ulyanov.

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Starting from a very recent date of registration

The expert did not name the exact number of discovere resources but note that fraudsters use not only websites to sell paper but also create accounts on social networks and send emails. Scammers are very sensitive to the news agenda and the shortage of writing paper Mailing Data Pro could not pass them by. They are trying to make money on this topic as they previously did on the topic of currency conversion selling stocks of gadgets at old prices sales from closing stores and so on. In most cases those deceive do not receive anything at all – they only lose money the expert said. What does it look like The phishing nature of the detecte resources according to Infosecurity.

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