It allows you to recover your data with minimal or even no data loss. At the same timethis minimizes the number of service failures and data losses and ruces their durational be over $, per minute . Patch database server Patching databases is a cumbersome and time-consuming process for database administrators. Plann downtime is often requir and requires the coordination of several teams. Era . fixes these issues. To do thisyou can define standardiz gold images containing a selection of operating system and database versions as software profilesand then apply new

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DB patches to this software profile as new versions. This helps deploy new database servers or patch existing servers to this gold standard. A new feature is the ability to patch single instances and database clusters of OracleSQL Server and PostgreSQL with Era It is Panama Business Email List applies requir roles in the database cluster. This ensures that the entire cluster is updat without affecting database service. Applying patches is also associat with very little risk in Era. Administrators can easily duplicate the environment to be patch using Time Machine’s cloning featurethus setting up a lightweight copy of a database in a test environment.

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Where they can safely test the patch before applying it to the production databases. Once a new patch version is test and releasany DB server assign that software profile or on demand. This feature greatly simplifies operations for administrators responsible for multiple Mailing Data Pro databases. It also ruces administrative overhead because patches can be appli to all databases. In additionit makes the patching process less riskyhelps save time and ruces operating expenses. Extensive support for SAP HANA New to the Nutanix database engine portfolio is SAP HANA. It enables SAP HANA users to enjoy all of the cloud-like benefits of Nutanix.

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