IS to send a generic email without using personalization phrases such as We picked it up just for you. Mistake . Aiming only at the sale of goods If the subscriber sees only a direct and persistent desire to sell goods in the letters of the online store then he is unlikely to become his regular customer. Sales emails with product selections and open calls to action can lead to an increase in sales in the short term in the long term relationship between the buyer and the retailer their effect can be the opposite. One of the key factors for the success of an online store is the trust of customers.

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Even untrained users can spot poorly used marketing tricks in email newsletters and understand that they are being manipulated. In this case the emails will push users away Brazil Mobile Number List from making purchases and negatively affect their opinion of the brand. How to do it right send subscribers high-quality and interesting content for them. Make email newsletters valuable and interesting for subscribers alternate messages about product updates of the online store with newsletters containing for example industry news expert opinions useful tips reviews etc. Use unique high-quality content bright attractive photos thematic videos showing the features and methods of using the goods of AN.

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ONline store to attract the attention of the buyer and at the same time not irritate him. How to Kill Online Store Conversions The Most Dangerous Email Marketing Mistakes Mistake . Including dissatisfied customers in the general mailing list Many simply turn a blind eye Mailing Data Pro to dissatisfied customers thinking that the problem will resolve itself. But no matter how high quality your service is even regular customers may have a feeling of dissatisfaction with a particular order or the quality of another purchased product. The practice of isolating dissatisfied customers into a separate group is not widespread but it can give interesting results.

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