By optimizing their Customer Journey, you deliver a positive shopping experience. It ensures the growth of not only orders, but also the store’s revenue,” Pavel Chevdar, Retail Rocket manager.Retail Rocket platform updates for the first half of 2021 07 Dec 2021 04 blog We are actively working with the Customer Intelligence system, improving the segmenter, setting up subscriber fields, and implementing many other useful features. We tell you how new platform features and continuous improvements will help you grow your business and grow your metrics.

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Content Working with data: uploading email statistics to CSV Customer Intelligence: Tracking Segment Performance on Charts Expanding segmentation: by purchase category and product ID Interface: working with additional subscriber fields and optimizing database download Belgium Mobile Number List Security: using two-factor authentication in PO Working with data: uploading email statistics to CSV Previously, you could get acquainted with the statistics for each campaign in your personal account, but you were not able to upload for a certain period, which made it difficult to independently interact with the platform. Now, working with subscriber data, you can create customized reports on email newsletters yourself.

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We have implemented the unloading of “raw” data in CSV. You can upload upload statistics to Google Drive per day, week or month. In addition, uploading raw data will allow you to directly use it in your visualization systems: Data Studio, Power BI, etc. Retail Rocket platform updates for the first half of 2021 Customer Intelligence: Tracking Segment Performance Mailing Data Pro on Charts We continue to iteratively improve the Customer Intelligence Platform module , which opens up new opportunities for strategic marketing, allowing you to follow the dynamics of audience segments and key metrics in dynamics. Now monitoring can be carried out by examining the graphs of segment indicators. They allow you to visually assess the dynamics of segment CI indicators (Retention.

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