OFthe most request features by customers was port mirroringwhich allows customers to mirror traffic on a specific port to another port for further analysis. With AOS . we are now introducing port mirroring functionalities. In this very first version of port mirroringwe make it possible to mirror traffic on a physical port of a computing host to a vNIC virtual network interface card of a virtual machine on the same host. We will continue to evolve port mirroring functionalities to add more controls for selectivity of traffic to be mirrorflexibility

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IN terms of mirroring destinationand scaling the number of concurrent mirroring sessions. Support of secondary IPs and connection of floating IPs Another use case and ne from our customers was the requirement to connect multiple IP addresses to one network interface card NIC to facilitate load balancinghigh availability and failover. These additional IP addresses are UK Business Email List often referr to as secondary IPs. With this new functionality introduc in AOS . Customers can easily map external IP addresses to services within the VPCs Virtual Private multiple addresses. management and automation Improvements for extending cluster functionality Cluster extension has been improv with AOS .giving the end user more control.

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Previouslyindividual nodes had to be prepar for cluster expansion and then add to the cluster. With AOS . there is now the option to decouple these two processes. Customers can choose to prepare the nodes firstwhich includes setting up. Host Mailing Data Pro networking and installing AOS and AHV versions. After thatcustomers can choose to expand the cluster by adding this prepar. Node — a process that is quick. non-Nutanix vCenters Prism has AI capabilities in its. Which it was previously able to provide runway analysis of CPUmemoryand storage for clusters running on AHV. With AOS 5. and PC .Nutanix introduc support for monitoring.

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