Rasulullah SAW said: ‘He who among you has good faith, all his actions will be multiplied from ten to seven hundred times (and recorded on his name) and all the evils he did will be recorded as before (without doubling) until he meets Allah.

— HR Muslim

Note, God does not punish a person for the result of his actions.

This is because the results are not in our hands, no matter how much we try

Let’s say we want to build a religious school in our local community. We have good intentions and we have worked hard.

However, due to unforeseen circumstances, our Database efforts did not work and we had to abandon the project.

Therefore, we are not rewarded for our intentions and actions but we will not be judged for the results that occur if they are beyond our control.

The conditions are easy:
— Take care of our intentions and actions, leave the results in God’s hands

Understanding these conditions is very important for us to live productively and without stress.

How many times have we stopped being productive just because we were worried about results?

“I can’t carry out this project because it’s too big”

He will bless us with results beyond our expectations. What can be practiced in our lives


So, you are saying that Islam does not encourage productivity Mailing Datapro but only relies on ‘good intentions’ without having to take any direct action?”
But this only highlights a misunderstanding of the true meaning of sincere intentions.

Sincere intention is not only a ‘desire’ to do something but also a driving force that says,

I will try my best to find what I want to do even if I don’t have enough resources now”.
In fact, as important as intentions are in Islam, so are actions.

It is so important that a human being is punished based on their intentions and actions, not the result of those intentions and actions.

Abu Hurairah narrated that the Messenger of Allah said:

God Almighty said; ‘When My servant intends that he should do a good deed but he does not do it, I record for him one good deed, but if he does it, I record for him ten good deeds. If he intended to do evil, but he did not do it, I forgive him. But if he does, I record a crime against his name’.

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