This ensures greater consistency and compliance. This gives customers the freom to choose to run their database workloads in a public cloudin their own data centeror both. The capability is first available on the AWS cloud platform. Because Nutanix Era shares the same plane of control and data across public and private cloudsseamless data mobility between environments is possible. Database administrators benefit from the simplicity and ease of use of a unifi operating modelindependent of database engine and use casesfor all databases – whether they are production tier one databases in the cloudscalable test and development databases or multicloud databases design for disaster recovery .

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Data security Data integrity and data security are paramount for any data asset. With Era .administrators can perform transaction-consistent backups of SQL ServerOracleor PostgreSQL databases in minutes. A database backup captur in a Time Machine can Nicaragua Business Email List be replicat across regionseither bas on an automat schule or on-demandwith. Because Era Time Machine knows which database it isfor database clusters such as Oracle RACSQL Server AGand PostgreSQLbackups are bas on the cluster’s failover status. For exampleif a database cluster fails at the production siteTime Machine will detect and switch backups to the newwritable primary database.

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Likewisethis also works in a multi-cluster context. Alsoif your entire primary site goes down and fails over to the asynchronous replica at your disaster recovery siteEra catches it and then backs up changes from there. Once a backup has been creata database can either be  the Mailing Data Pro original can be overwritten from the backup. With the direct restore featureEra is able to restore a database to the exact state of any previous point in time in  mia and reading in all the necessary logs. In additionEra offers the possibility to check all log files found on the DB server during the recovery and to include them in the backup set.

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