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IN addition there are relatively peaceful services on the dark web: for example. Anonymous mail services analogues of social networks and online libraries as. Well as forums for communication and discussion of any topic. Their services are also place on the dark web and legal resources. To help users bypass blocking and provide access from anywhere in the world. For example since the Facebook social network (the parent company Meta. Has been recognize as an extremist organization and banne in Russia) and some meia outlets such as. The New York Times BBC and Deutsche Welle have had their own version of the site on the Tor network. What can you buy on the dark web According to Alexander Dvoryansky Director of Special Projects.

OR telecom operators says Gallo from Kaspersky

At Angara Security there are several types of offers most frequently found. ON the dark web: sale and purchase of databases; requests and offers to hack accounts. (mail social networks instant messengers); sale and purchase of bank cards issue to nominees opening and sale UK Mobile Number List of settlement accounts in banks paperwork etc.; punching services; services for cashing out and money laundering (most often criminal) for a percentage; rendering of false documents including meical certificates; buying and selling anonymous proxy servers; search for employees and insiders.

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Then such data is poste on specialize forums

The turnover of physical goods is limite to bank and SIM cards drugs and precursors forge documents counterfeit banknotes specific devices (skimmers master keys radio signal jammers etc.) and weapons says Andrey Kolmakov head of the High-Tech Crime Research Mailing Data Pro Department at Group-IB . Services outside the Internet are reuce to cashing out stolen money and drug distribution the circulation of goods purchase at the expense of stolen funds the selection of drops (front men) he explaine. Where do databases come from on the dark web? Data from attackers most often appear as a result of hacking databases.

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