Fundamental aspects for designing happiness according to science

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology conducted a study in which they asked more than 50,000 people about different aspects of their lifestyle. The conclusion? People who participate in cultural activities have higher levels of happiness and less anxiety and depression, in addition to enjoying good health and being satisfied with life. According to this study, it is more beneficial for men to participate in cultural activities, such as visiting museums or going to the theater, while for women, more active activities such as singing, dancing or outdoor activities are preferable. 2) Talk to strangers Something as simple as exchanging a few words with a passerby can brighten your day.

Talk to strangers

Or so it seems to show an experiment in which Bulk SMS Russia scientists Nicholas Epley and Juliana Schroeder encouraged train travelers to start a conversation with a stranger during the trip. Those who did report that they had a more positive experience. Read: ” Do you know how you can be motivated at work? ” 3) Write a journal Although it seems to us that our day to day has nothing special, recording our activities and reviewing the notes after a while can help make us happy . In a study published in the journal Psychological Science, experts asked participants to write about a conversation they had had and rate how ordinary or extraordinary it was. Seven months later, when rereading them, it turned out that the ordinary conversations had a greater positive effect than the extraordinary ones.

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Write a journal

“Having deep conversations increases happiness” 4) Look at Mailing Data Pro beautiful things… but better if they are useful Something as simple as observing beautiful objects can contribute to designing happiness according to science… and if they are functional, even better. According to a study by the telephone company HTC, volunteers who looked at beautiful and functional objects experienced positive emotions such as calm and joy and reduced their negative feelings by almost a third. Objects that are simply beautiful, but not functional, also had a positive impact, although less so. Contemplating them reduced negative emotions by 29% and increased feelings of calm and happiness.

Have deep conversations After analyzing the conversations of 80 people over 4 days, scientists from the University of Arizona came to the conclusion that well-being increases if we spend less time alone and more time talking with others . But also, this positive effect increases when we have more deep and less superfluous conversations . It seems that “fixing the world” for hours with our loved ones works… at least when it comes to engineering happiness.

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