Ready-made software was not available then it was either written on its own. Or ordered on the external market. Despite the fact that over the past two or three years new directives have appeared on the transition to domestic solutions in relation to.  State-owned companies by the end of their share in the public software sector reached only half of the target values. At the same time more and more companies from the commercial sector prefer domestic IT solutions including due to the volatility of exchange rates price / quality ratio as well as guaranteed availability of technical support. True another trend is also observed – in connection with the increased demand. Individual domestic developers multiply the cost of licenses for their software.

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Valentina Kulagina head of the product development department at ICL Services: The course towards import substitution in Russia dates back to . The process itself went smoothly. The Russian government increased state support measures thanks to which a lot of Russian Anhui Mobile Phone Number List solutions appeared in. The Register of domestic software from year to year. The readiness of domestic IT manufacturers to provide integrated solutions for import substitution is high. Among the leading Russian companies there are those who offer products that can compete with foreign solutions.

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Also over the past two years we have seen an increase

For example in the field of information security. The main issue that domestic vendors have to solve is the ability of their products to scale and integrate with solutions from other manufacturers. Its solution will reduce the amount of computing resources.  And labor costs that are required today at the implementation stage. Soft line’s expert on Russian software Mailing Data Pro sales development in the Volga Federal District. And Ural Federal District Alexandra Zalmanova. The main consumers of products and solutions for the Russian market over the past years have.  Been state-owned companies and institutions. For this group of organizations the priority were categories of software that affected user workstations. For example operating system office suite communication platform.

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