Subscription to a popular VPN service ranges from  to  rubles. for a period of one month to a year depending on the announcement. IN some it is separately propos to pay for the departure of a specialist and the connection of the service. For connecting to a VPN server sellers can ask for. Rubles for renting a virtual server on foreign sites and setting it up – 3 thousand rubles. With the help of which VPN service access will be organiz the announcement as a rule is not indicat. The service is promot among other things under the heading: “Instagram Facebook blocking bypass etc. Roskomnadzor began to slow down access spe on February  and on March  completely block Facebook in Russia. Since March 1 the agency has also block Instagram.

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VPN (English Virtual Private Network – virtual private network) is a secure encrypt user connection to the network which allows you to connect to the desir resources through an intermiate point in another country and protect traffic from analysis within the original Belize Mobile Number List country. In companies such services are us to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of information when it is transmitt over the Internet between offices or when employees remotely access it. Private users can use them to access sites bann in the country. At the end of February several VPN services enter the top 1 most download applications in Russia at once and are still in them according to the platform data until recently it was call App Annie.

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At the same time the authorities are trying to block VPN services. As Alexander Khinshtein chairman of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy said on March 1 about  popular VPN services have already been block in Russia and Roskomnadzor intends to continue this work. Is it safe to install a VPN by ad Even a superficial analysis shows that these are more Mailing Data Pro than suspicious ads and it’s better not to try to play this “roulette Yakov Kravtsov head of the Research Department of the Group-IB Digital Risk Protection Department is categorical. He confirm that there are really a lot of such ads now and in order to check whether they are fraudulent or real it is necessary to conduct a “test purchase and verification in each case. “The more tempting the .

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