The article Cognition, published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, details how wearing the right clothes affects some professionals.

This experiment found that doctors wearing their lab coats performed with greater stamina and attention to detail than those without. Additionally, when presented with two coats labeled “doctor’s” and “painter’s,” those wearing the doctor’s coat projected higher confidence and sustained attention than those with a painter’s coat.

This means that clothes can affect our daily productivity, not only in style but also in how we choose to label them. Your pajamas and loungewear are clothes to relax in, not to create in. So, if you want to get productive, choosing the right working outfit is essential, even at home.

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Consider purchasing a new outfit for the task at hand. I recommend something easy to move in but more dressy than casual wear. Call it your power outfit, body armor or whatever title evokes a sense of fiery passion. Wear it when doing tasks from home. Put on the suit, and include a fancy watch if you want to. Then, when you clock out for the day, return to the sweet sweatpants you know and love.

Practice this every day to make it a phone leads routine habit. Keep your power outfit for power tasks, and avoid wearing it to bed or to socialize. With its purpose pure, you may find yourself professionally producing more than before.

It’s easy to lose a sense of time when you work from home. Days quickly blur together, and though it makes Mondays less woeful, it also makes Fridays less exciting. This is usually where the rut sets in, with little excitement or variance in your days to make them feel any different.


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The most important tip for maintaining mental health and energy on remote work is the simplest of all. It’s about creating a space for yourself away from the rest of the world and your workload. Knowing when you need to work is important, but knowing when to unplug is vital.

It’s easy to get attached to the online world. Via phone or laptop, you are always connected. Even during hours when you aren’t working, you may feel pushed Mailing Data Pro to answer an email, respond to a text or fix a problem. Being “on” all the time will drain you mentally and physically, making it harder to perform and harder to recharge.

Forbes put it expertly in their article ‘How To Disconnect From Work And Enjoy Your Downtime (Without Feeling Guilty).’ They explained how a consistent grind could cause guilt, extra stress and worsen your overall health by simply not taking a break. When was the last time you walked around or stretched? Did you even drink water today? Don’t push yourself for just one more email, and know when to step back and do something else.

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