SIEM system is able to provide proper support. Which functions should be assigned to SOAR and which to SIEM is a difficult issue of dividing functionality Nikolai Klimov believes. As the discussion showed there is no consensus among experts about which choice should be considered the right one. According to Anna Bogdanova the implementation of SOAR should be carried out together with the modernization of SIEM. In this case you can finetune SIEM adapt and add the most effective rules. Vyacheslav Tupikov believes that a lot depends on the characteristics of the customer company and whether it has a strong security team. During operation many unusual situations arise that cannot be described by the rules at the development stage.

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Cost-effectiveness of SOAR Implementation If the regulator does not put pressure on a company to implement SOAR then it needs to obtain a business case for Bahamas Mobile Number List the benefits of implementing such a system. We evaluate based on a riskbased approach said Anna Bogdanova. It is difficult to refer to the real amount of possible damage: all data are probabilistic in nature so the estimates will be uncertain. Now it makes sense to pay attention to the fact that there is a real wave of incidents everywhere.

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Their effect can be evaluated and the collected data will become the basis for justifying the implementation of SOAR added Anna Bogdanova. Danil Borodavkin suggests that those who decide to use this recommendation take an example from one of the Mailing Data Pro customers. He began to evaluate incidents taking into account the coefficients empirically set by him. As a result he was able to calculate the amount of potential damage on his own data. Anna Bogdanova added that communication with companies that have already implemented SOAR is also of great benefit. Their experience allows you to get answers to many questions.

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