Cornerstone of Nutanix AOS. Storing application data on the same server that runs the application has great advantages regardless of the type of storage miumbut advances in the performance of storage hardware have further amplifi these advantages. Over the past several yearswe have develop a range of capabilities design to maximize the benefits of next-generation storage technologies such as NVMe and Intel Optane® drives. Previous innovations like Blockstore and SPDKallow Nutanix AOS to take advantage of these new technologies thanks to special features of the AOS architecture.

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Intel Optane SSDs have significantly lower read latencies compar to even NVMe SSDs. true Prior to AOS .Intel Optane SSDs and NVMe SSDs were group on the same tier in the extent store. In contrastAOS . takes advantage of Intel Optane’s higher read performance c SSDs in a Christmas Island Business Email List separate storage layer for frequently access data. Similar to hybrid HDD/SDD clustersNutanix Intelligent Lifecycle Management ILM performs migrations between data tiers bas on access patterns. Data that is access frequently over a period of time is migrat up into the Optane layerresulting in higher levels of performancetrue For read-heavy.

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WorkloadsOptane tiering increas performance by an average  stellar IO scores. This means Nutanix customers can realize the potential of Optane at a significantly lower cost than deploying a complete Optane system. Combin with Blockstore and SPDKthis puts Mailing Data Pro to deliver consistent and optimal performance for data-intensive workloads. With AOS .this feature is enabl for all new clusters with NVMe drives that contain at least one Optane SSD per node. true Advanc resiliency Encrypt DR traffic At Nutanixwe take security very seriously. From our harden hypervisor AHV and our harden controller VM CVM to our data-at-rest encryption and our SALT frameworksecurity is a top priority in all our products and services With AOS.

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