The leading analyst of Solar JSOC RTKSolar Vyacheslav Tupikov named asset management and vulnerability management among these functions. Nikolai Klimov explained this situation by the fact that these tasks are borderline between IT and IS and IT is not able to solve it adequately. The presence of this feature in the system operated by IB allows you to receive uptodate information. As a result in his opinion SOAR from Russian developers as it once happened with DLP becomes an original class of systems that differ in functionality from those used abroad. In an explicit form as Danil Borodavkin noted none of the Russian regulators requires the implementation of SOAR. However it is SOAR that best solves the problems associated with organizing event monitoring.

Return of vendors and new solutions

As a result according to Roman Ovchinnikov the use of SOAR facilitates a set of tasks that prescribe regulations for the protection of critical information infrastructure information systems of banks as well as government information systems.Angara Security entered the Jordan Mobile Number List top of the fastest growing IT companies in June Moscow — Angara Security has become one of the fastest growing IT companies in Russia ranking th in the CNewsFast rating . This allowed the company to maintain its leadership in terms of growth rates in the information security industry revenue increased by compared to last year.

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Due to the lack of expertise in the market, interest

On the first five lines were companies providing cloud platforms and companies developing and distributing hardware. In addition Angara Security ranked th in the ranking of the most effective companies in also being surrounded mainly by distribution Mailing Data Pro companies. The company’s best performance per person in the history of the company helped the company to occupy such a high position last year it amounted to thousand rubles. These figures as well as growth rates have become the best for the Russian information security industry this year. According to the results of the CNews.

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